Looking for a fridge with a bottom freezer or top freezer? Or maybe a compact fridge for the office or barbecue area for your cold drinks? Explore a wide range of fridges and freezers of all ranges and sizes to match your refrigeration needs – from top freezer fridges to American style with and without ice dispensers as well as a ‘French door’ fridge freezer.

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    Side-by-Side with anti-fingerprint stainless steel doors, with Fresh Safe compartment and water and ice dispenser:

    • No Frost: You will no longer have to defrost your freezer.
    • Fresh Safe: drawer to store fresh fruit and vegetables in a flexible way.
    • Ice dispenser: ice cubes and crushed ice always at hand
    • Vario Zone Freezer – drawers and shelves can be removed to create a single storage environment for bulky food.
    • LED lights: Light up your fridge with long lasting LEDs.
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    Bosch built in compact fridge

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    The spacious built-in No Frost fridge-freezer not only guarantees optimal food storage but also that the formation of ice and frost will no longer be a problem.

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    Bosch built-in fridge freezer – NO FROST General Information: Energy Efficiency Class: E (As per new energy label 2021) Energy Consumption: 234 kWh/yr Net capacity: 260 l Noise level: 35 dB(A) re 1 pW Design: LED interior light in fridge section Comfort and Safety: Super freezing Optical warning display door…

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    The NoFrost bottom-freezer with VitaFresh: Keeps your fresh foods fresh longer.

    VitaFresh: keeps food fresh for longer in climate-controlled drawers at near <0°C>.

    Perfect Fit: place your fridge right next to walls and other appliances to save space.

    LED interior light: Illuminates the refrigerator evenly and glare-free, and lasts for its entire life.

    Automatic super freezing: optimal for freezing smaller food load faster whilst protecting your frozen items from defrosting, thanks to the detection of temperature increase and the automatic decrease of temperature

    EasyAccess Shelf: retractable glass shelf for convenient loading and unloading and a perfect view.

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    Bosch white fridge freezer with a No Frost System, electronic temperature control with an LED display and a “Multi Airflow” System for optimum and uniform cooling distribution.

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    Bosch fridge freezer with a No Frost System, Multi Airflow System for better cooling and air circulation.

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    Bosch built in freezer with a No Frost system and Vitacontrol – constant temperature thanks to an innovative system of sensors.

    This built in freezer combines well with KIR81AFE0 for a perfect side by side solution.

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    Bosch built in freezer with a 72 litre capacity, 3 compartments and LowFrost technology – less ice formation, faster defrosting.

    Recommended combination: KIR41AFF0

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    Bosch built in freezer with a 97 litre capacity, 3 drawers of which one is a BigBox and uses LowFrost technology – less ice formation, faster defrosting.

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    Vestfrost fridge freezer with NO FROST technology, electronic temperature control as well as the new Natural Ion Tech – ionizer to eliminate bad odours and food feel fresh and a MultiCooling System – for better cooling and ventilation of fridge.

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    Bosch built in fridge with 6 shelves, with 4 door racks as well as a VitaFresh Plus Box to guarantee fresher food and will help to make it last longer. This model has interior LED lighting.

    This model combines well with GIV11AFE0