Built-In Induction Hobs

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  • On Order

    The induction hob with PerfectFry: achieve perfect frying results thanks to automatic temperature control.

    • DirectSelect: direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions.
    • PerfectFry: no more worrying about scorching.
    • U-bevel: elegant, appealing design with bevelled front and sides.
    • Power Boost: up to 35% faster heating compared to highest power level.
    • Restart: restores hob settings in case of an unintentional hob switch-off.
  • On Order

    Bosch built in induction hob (60cm) with a white ceramic design, 4 induction zones, 17 temperature settings and an easy to use control panel.

  • Bosch PVS631FB5E Induction hob 60 cm Series 6 -20% Off

    Bosch built in induction hob (60cm) with CombiZone function and 17-level temperature settings to choose from as well as PowerBoost for all zones.

  • Bosch PVQ651FC5E Induction hob 60 cm Series 6 -20% Off

    Bosch built-in induction hob with DirectSelect features and PerfectFry sensors with 4 temperature settings.

  • Bosch PXE675DC1E Induction hob 60 cm Series 8 On Order

    Bosch induction hob (60cm) with High Speed ceramic glass, 4 induction zones, a Premium DirectSelect feature with 17 power levels – all displayed digitally. This also uses FlexInduction – more flexibility by combining the cooking zones into one big zone for placing small pots and large cookware.

  • -19% Off

    Bosch induction ceramic hob (80cm) with 4 induction cooking zones (including a CombiZone), with DirectSelect feature + 17 power levels.

  • -21% Off

    Bosch built in induction hob (80cm) with 5 induction cooking zones including 1 FlexInduction Zone, a PowerBoost function for all cooking zones and are managed by TouchControls.

  • -20% Off

    The Bosch PXY875DC1E induction hob is easy to use. You can pick the cooking areas you want. The PerfectFry function makes sure your food cooks perfectly and browns well. With the FlexInduction Zones you can also combine different cooking areas for more options.

    DirectSelect Premium: direct and simple selection of desired cooking zones, performance levels and additional functions
    PerfectFry frying sensor: for optimal browning of the product thanks to the sensor control in 5 power levels
    Extended FlexInductions area: even more flexibility by connecting the cooking zones to a continuous surface, which can be extended with larger pans
    Induction: fast and accurate cooking, easy cleaning and low energy consumption
    ComfortProfile: elegant and well-made design with faceted front cut and side metal strips

  • -19% Off

    Bosch induction ceramic hob (90cm) with 5 induction cooking zones + Direct Select Premium controls, 17 power levels, a PowerManagement function with “boost function” for all zones.