Kitchen Organisation

  • Everything is clearly arranged and can be accessed from all sides.

    The larder unit with its easy to open front pull-out is thus, the most intelligent kind of storage unit. Everything is clearly arranged and can be accessed from both sides. The position of the baskets can be adjusted in height.

  • Comfort, Functionality and Convenience!

  • The decision for a new fitted kitchen depends upon many different factors. Individualized kitchen planning must take the various facets into consideration. Upon viewing the showroom kitchens at a specialised kitchen retailer for the first time, you are captivated by the great design, and admire the latest kitchen technology and clever features. But, kitchens that are perfectly tailored to you must be able to do more. Here our new XL kitchen system with higher carcases gains 10 percent more storage space, and adds convenience, ergonomics and diverse planning possibilities.

  • Nowadays people are growing taller. While at the same time, living spaces are getting smaller – especially in urban settings. For this reason, when planning their new kitchen, many buyers are very concerned about efficient storage space and ergonomics. By the way, storage in base units can be organised particularly
    efficiently: No other unit category has such an extensive selection of functional fittings and interior organisation possibilities available as here. Another functional advantage of the 14 cm high drawers is that soup ladles and egg whisks fit comfortably. The most important kitchen tools are thus readily accessible at all
    times, right where you need them most, namely, near the hot plate.

  • There are many different ways to enhance kitchen recesses. That is why our niche claddings are available in a wide range of décors and materials. Whether in worktop décor or our Color Concept décors, in stainless steel look or glass, or with trendy digitally printed motifs – our niche claddings turn your recess into a highlight in your kitchen. We have an assortment of 24 digitally printed motifs available to create targeted custom accents in the kitchen. Whether typical kitchen motifs, tiles, mosaic and stone wall décors or motifs with an industrial feel – the choice is up to you.

  • Wall units with folding-lifting doors provide easily accessible storage space and maximum headroom. Besides, the wall unit Climber are equipped with the integrated lighting in both the top and bottom shelves. The LED spot-lights provide even illumination of glass cabinets and work surfaces.


  • Our Kitchen system has precisely the right activity height for every task. Perfect waste separation: the sink unit can be equipped with one of the waste separation system in a nice and tidy way. It is ideal for the optimum use of storage space beneath the sink.

  • Nobilia kitchensnobilia kitchens

    What is the best way to organise my base units, how many cutlery trays do I need, which waste separation system should I choose, what is more practical here?

    You will find plenty of suggestions and ideas for outstanding kitchen organisation…

  • Conveniently Organised!

    Corners can also be well-utilised: by a corner unit with swivel pull-outs. There is space in even the tiniest corner. The corner unit with swivel pull-out or carousel shelves is the most ingenious solution invented for making optimum use of corners.


  • Brilliant Perspectives!

    Now there is even cutting edge design for cutlery trays and organisers. Storage for cutlery and kitchen utensils was also taken into consideration.

  • Neatly stowed away.

    Tall Units are real storage wonders. Convenient fittings, easy access and equipped with sophisticated, sturdy mechanics as well as clever details for everyday use. Here is just a small selection to wet your appetite.