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    Creativity and Innovation by LAS, all inside the new versatile and multi-functional office system.
    Made for highest professional environments, we are proud to present “UP”. Sleek, classy and business-oriented work tables and desks, with adjustable heights using T, bridge or bench legs work both from a sitting or a stand-up position, UP will get you closer to your own ideas and creations, to ensure you total control over all the tools at your disposal.

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    The Migration SE height-adjustable desk and bench delivers flexibility, value and user wellbeing.

    Supporting a broad range of applications, its modular kit of parts provide flexibility for organizations looking for ways to update, reuse and improve the desirability of their space over time.

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    Ology is the first desking solution that supports the physiology and biology of users to make the workplace a more health-conscious environment.

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    Activa embodies all the experience of Steelcase engineers, their know-how and, especially important, the feedback from many users. The result is a desk system that sets new standards. With a variety of desktop shapes, linking possibilities and add-ons, Activa can be ideally adapted to your real needs. Whether you work alone or in a team.