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    Design by Alberto and Francesco Meda

    These sound-absorbing panels are distinguished by their perfectly planar front surfaces. Each panel is mounted using wall brackets equipped with a rear metal hinge, allowing the element to rotate and tilt. Despite their irregular contours, these panels can be arranged in numerous configurations, including rectangles and squares.

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    Caimi Lab Sound-Absorbing Lampshade

    Enhance your space with the Caimi Lab large sound-absorbing lampshade, meticulously crafted with Snowsound Fiber 8 Bouclé fabric. This innovative design features a tubular structure that gives the acoustic fabric a slightly waisted appearance on the outside while maintaining elegant pleats on the inside. The unique air gap between the exterior and interior fabric layers significantly boosts the lampshade’s acoustic performance.

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    Design by Marc Sadler

    Baffle is a patented system designed to hang Snowsound sound-absorbing panels from the ceiling, showcasing its lightness and elegance. The adjustable cable height and array of sizes and colors allow for personalized compositions, enhancing both aesthetics and acoustics. The innovative joining system of the panel to the cables is completely invisible: a small cylindrical joint conceals the anchoring mechanism. Baffle anchors can be positioned along the upper edge of the panel with flexible spacing between cables, simplifying ceiling installation.

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    The acoustic boundary enhances sound performance while providing an effective space division. Available in two sizes, it offers a versatile solution to make your team space both functional and comfortable.

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    In the Clasp divider, the Snowsound Fiber acoustic fabric is mounted on a height-adjustable, chrome-plated metal structure suspended on cables, with configurable metal joints allowing infinite compositions and a removable fabric slipcover.

  • Sepa' mobile divider Out of Stock

    Freestanding sound-absorbing dividers made with Snowsound Fiber fabrics and chrome-plated tubular steel structures on flat, powder-coated metal bases.

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    Enhance your workspace with LAS Universal Partitions, designed to fit Fil Rouge, 5th Element, Oxi, Up, and Seguo desk models. Choose from five versatile options to meet your privacy and acoustic needs.

    Upgrade your office with LAS Universal Partitions for a more comfortable and organized workspace.

  • Frestanding tent for private space Out of Stock

    The Pod Tent is a standalone enclosure designed to minimize distractions in open offices, offering individuals a comfortable and private space to maximize productivity.

  • Steelcase foldable and movable privacy screen Out of Stock

    Steelcase’s B-Free privacy screen offers a versatile solution for users looking to recharge and rejuvenate. In dynamic, open environments, maintaining privacy for concentrated work can be challenging. B-Free addresses this need with its innovative design, providing partial boundaries that establish dedicated focus areas while ensuring users remain connected and visible within their surroundings.

  • Mobile privacy screens in various sizes Out of Stock

    Choose between privacy or collaboration with ease. Our versatile freestanding screens, available in three shapes and sizes, seamlessly connect with a magnetic edge, allowing you to assemble and disassemble effortlessly, as often as you need.

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    BuzziHug perfectly balances between being a semi-enclosed privacy booth as well as an individual stand-up workstation. Because of its voluminous upholstered body, BuzziHug effectively mitigates excessive noise while doubling as an unexpected design element within any workspace. Just like a warm embrace, BuzziHug instantly creates a cozy and safe working environment for employees to hold video calls or to get focused work done.

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    Inspired by the shape of wavelengths, BuzziFold’s design effectively mitigates excessive noise while enhancing the overall look of your space.