• Lunar is a table that enhances the architecture of the space where the table is placed.
    The base consists of four trapezoidal steel rods and can be combined with tops of different sizes and finishes.

  • The quality of sleep athletes get can improve their performance and, thus, be the key to their success.

    That is why we conceived ReActive.

    With this project, the passion for research has gone beyond wellbeing and traditional sleep to focus on athletic preparation.

    Dorelan ReActive is the result of the constant work of physicians, researchers and athletic trainers. We studied sleep and recovery-related problems of athletes and trainers to create a product that meets the requirements of sportspeople and those who have an active life.

    ReActive is more than a mattress, it is a valid training tool.

  • A new sleeping, resting and wellbeing experience.

    Dorelan ReGeneration is a project that strives for a new level of sleep and wellbeing. We start from research, needs, data, from how our habits have changed and what we can do to regain our mental and physical balance. Regenerate ourselves.

    Years of research have confirmed that a quality mattress is essential in cognitive behavioural therapy, as it helps reduce stress and anxiety, thus improving the quality of life. These results have driven us to dig deeper and obtain targeted scientific studies based on a project for those who take care of themselves. This way, wellbeing becomes a scientific life formula.

    Dorelan ReGeneration, the ultimate expression of our company, starts from here.