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Inspired by the shape of wavelengths, BuzziFold’s design effectively mitigates excessive noise while enhancing the overall look of your space.

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Define your zones

The acoustic solution can be ceiling-suspended horizontally or vertically. The former permits BuzziFold to act as a classic baffle, while the latter can also help create visual privacy between workstations or various zones. Because of its soft design, BuzziFold can conform to any workspace’s style. Combine multiple BuzziFolds for a dynamic, one-of-a-kind space..

Keep it sustainable

BuzziFold is crafted from our hero BuzziFelt textile made from fully recycled materials. Choose between BuzziFelt Offwhite, Antrahcite, or StoneGrey to suit your decor needs.

Easy to install

BuzziFold arrives fully assembled, making it an easy-to-install acoustic solution. Just hang it up and say goodbye to excessive noise.

It’s all in the waves

The folds in BuzziFold provide greater surface area for sound absorption, thus making the solution a high acoustic performer. Decide how far or close you want BuzziFold from your work area by simply changing the cable lengths.

Tone it down (Acoustics)

BuzziFold traps mid and high tones to reduce sound waves reflecting off hard surfaces. Combine multiple BuzziFolds at different suspension heights to create a stylish solution that will assist in managing noise levels in spaces with high ceilings.