BuzziPleat Light

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BuzziPleat Light’s sculptural form provides both innovative and exceptional sound-absorbing abilities. With the addition of an LED lighting element, the acoustic solution is the perfect marriage of decorative lighting and sound control.

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A creative solution with quality craftsmanship

BuzziPleat Light’s unique qualities derive from its sustainable attributes and handcrafted nature. The avant-garde solution is crafted from our hero BuzziFelt textile, made of recycled materials, and is hand pleated and laced to perfection. The construction of a one BuzziPleat LED takes over 2 hours alone.

Let there be light

The hanging acoustic pendant light perfectly marries sound control and illumination into one elegant solution. BuzziPleat Light can be fitted with a frosted glass globe for a decorative effect or a reflector for more direct lighting. On the other hand, the new BuzziPleat Edel Long can be paired with BuzziSol Trio or BuzziSol Quintet in either a Globe or Spot iteration.

A work of art

Combine different BuzziPleat Light models, such as BuzziPleat Light Ripple, BuzziPleat Light Edel, and BuzziPleat Light Edel Long, and suspend them at various heights to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind ceiling, all while absorbing excessive noise. All models are available in a select range of BuzziFelt colours to complement your decor.

Find shelter

Our new BuzziPleat Light Edel Long provides a nice shelter when suspended above a large communal table, creating a sense of togetherness while illuminating the space. Due to its extended oval shape, BuzziPleat Light Edel Long improves the quality of a room through better acoustics, an efficient light source, and can pleasantly zone any large area.

Tone it down (Acoustics)

BuzziPleat Light’s architectural folds maximize surface area, delivering excellent acoustic performance. The solution’s large folds trap mid and low tones to prevent sound waves from bouncing back and forth between hard surfaces. Combine multiple BuzziPleat Lights at different suspension heights to mitigate sound within spaces with high ceilings.

BuzziPleat Light