Nube Mattress

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A great Dorelan classic, famous for its excellent comfort and uncompromising hygiene. The high technology core contains four different Myform materials, whereas the cover has been designed to provide a barrier against mites, thanks to Fibersan treatment, without compromising on breathability and freshness.


Myform Memory Clima
Designed for positioning on the outermost mattress layers, thanks to a specific application that leverages nanotechnologies to maintain a constant contact temperature between body and mattress.

Myform Memory Air
Thanks to its innovative molecular structure, it combines excellent adaptability to the body shape with unbeatable breathability, guaranteed by the high level of porosity and open cell structure.

Prime cover
Breathability and perfect hygiene are guaranteed by the microperforated sideband, combined with the solidity of the traditional removable cover.

Hygienic, breathable and comfortable thanks to the softness of viscose and the wash resistance guaranteed by the elasticity of polyester microfibre.

Fibersan treatment
A natural lavender and eucalyptus treatment that prevents the proliferation of mites, maintaining a high level of cover hygiene.

Designed to provide excellent hygiene and wash resistance. On both sides, it is made of a blend of fresh and hygroscopic bamboo, with elastic and robust polyester microfibre.

Removable Cover
The zip fastening around the edge enables the cover to be divided into two parts, for easy and practical washing.

Nube Mattress