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Please task chair is the only chair with two separate backrests. It offers an unequalled level of comfort. It balances comfort, beauty and freedom of movement. Thanks to precise and intuitive adjustment controls, the chair adapts to the user.

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LTC2 is a unique, patented synchronised tilting mechanism with two separate backrests. The lumbar and thoracic sections are connected yet they function independently of each other – just like the upper and lower areas of your spine. Please facilitates task-intensive jobs which involve long periods of sitting, high levels of concentration and heavy computer. While some of us like to sit upright, others prefer a more relaxed, reclined position. Please recognises that everybody has their own way of working – and their own way of sitting. The chair is designed to support diverse work styles, ensuring lasting comfort and optimum postural support.


The chair adapts itself to the morphology of every user providing a unique backrest support which allows for more freedom of movement. With a wide range of intuitive adjustments, Please delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes.


Thanks to Please’s independent and precise upper and lower back controls, any user – regardless their build – will obtain full back support even as they recline.

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Steelcase Please Task Chair

Steelcase Please Chair