Re:Active Pillow

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  • Dorelan

Choosing the right pillow should be based on a customer’s physique and habits in order to eliminate tension and inflammation in the muscle groups of the cervical fascia. When you use the pillow along with the mattress it perfectly aligns the skeletal system, promoting progressive and total relaxation.
Thanks to exclusive MyForm Air, the pillow guarantees excellent breathability at night.

Dimensions: 40x70cm.


The choice of the pillow based on the body build and habits of the customer becomes essential to eliminate tensions and inflammations of the muscle groups in the cervical area. The pillow, in synergy with the mattress, allows for the perfect alignment of the skeletal system, promoting gradual and complete relaxation. Thanks to the exclusive comfort of Myform Memory Air, the pillow ensures high breathability throughout the night.

Re:Active Pillow