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Share It is a modular storage system. It offers personal storage, team storage, meeting point solutions and lockers. Share It can be also used as space dividers, structuring workspaces.

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Share It


Share It boasts a broad range of elements which consistently meet the  storage needs of any office. This diverse portfolio includes items tailored specifically for personal storage as well as shared resources for team areas.


Thanks to its modularity, Share It makes it easy to structure team spaces and to save valuable square metres.
  • Cupboards for storage can also be easily turned and utilised as space dividers and communication zones.
  • At the same time, Share It provides the freedom to concentrate and work decisively.
  • With its sound absorbing front and back and Partito Screens, Share It helps users to balance privacy and contact with others – even in a large team space.


Share It incorporates unique features that encourage collaboration and communication in the office.
  • Glass fronts can be written on to create dynamic and interactive areas for meetings.
  • Integrated storage at meeting points facilitates easy access to relevant information and knowledge.


Noise disturbance is one of the greatest threats to concentration performance. Our research shows that it can take up to 15 minutes to regain concentration after being distracted at work. The combination of Share It and Partito screens minimises sound pollution and creates privacy for comfortable, decisive working. Different materials can be chosen to personalise the workspace, including Melamine with a unique pattern, front or back, side – opening tambour door and different coloured fabrics as back panels.


New technologies are making people more mobile in the office and in their working lives in general. Individual spaces at work are shrinking and yet research shows that personal space is incredibly important to people. Share It offers secure lockers for dedicated personal storage and peace of mind.

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Share It