Space XL – Mute

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Made for a fruitful meeting with a multitude of design-led features on hand.

Space XL yearly energy consumption is comparable to a fridge


Sound Mastery

Extremely high level of sound insulation developed and tested by acoustic experts.

Silent & Efficient Ventilation

Keeping you comfortable during long meeting without disturbing your colleagues.

Plug & Play

Ready to use straight after a quick and simple installation. Easy to move to a new location.

Always connected

Video conference tools, USB, LAN, or phone induction charger for your comfort.

One Size, Two Functions

Conference room for 6, or configure this ample space to meet your need.

Control your Space XL

Adjust ventilation and lighting with a special control panel.

Form and function unified

1. Dedicated dimmable lamp, 2. All ports in one, 3. U-shaped tabletop, 4. Precise finishing, 5. Whiteboard paint

Space XL - Mute