Zen Sofa

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Meet the Zen sofa family, which brings its calm character wherever it is placed, thanks to its elegant and sculptural appearance presenting the charm of comfort with its curved and well-rounded form.

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Zen stands out with its way of developing its contemporary, simple and calm design, its timeless style and the balanced aesthetics that it brings to the space, while its charm focused on form leads to a feeling of ease and comfort. With its curved form, it turns the space into an hospitable reception area and offers a light seating with the support from its metal legs. Thanks to its elegant aesthetics in front and behind, Zen becomes a perfect option as an independent furniture both in the house and in alternative uses such as in waiting and reception areas of hotels and corporate structures.

Designed in compact dimensions with its pillows as single and three-seat sofas, Zen is ideal for venues with limited space. Its low back and side contour and its curved rotations contribute to giving volume to the cushions and pillows and having an original character with a more saturated appearance.

Zen Sofa