Bosch & NEFF dishwashers provide the possibility of cleaning, rinsing and drying dishes and cookware quickly, silently and efficiently with the lowest energy consumption rates. We provide both free-standing dishwashers and built-in dishwashers to suit your kitchens’ needs.

  • Bosch SMS4EMI02E Dishwasher On Order
    895.00Spring Sale

    The Bosch SMS4EMI02E free-standing dishwasher offers maximum loading flexibility: thanks to Rackmatic, the upper basket can be adjusted in height as needed. With EfficientDry, drying has never been more efficient.

    ● Home Connect: connected dishwashers for a simpler life using your mobile app.
    ● Washing assistant – the right program for every load.
    ● Favorite Program. Personalize your dishwasher.

  • On Order
    595.00Spring Sale

    Series 2, 12 Place Settings, 4 programs, 2 Special Functions, Cutlery Basket, E Class,

  • -24% Off
    645.00Spring Sale

    Series 2, 13 settings, 4 programmes, 2 Special Functions,E Class, cutlery tray

  • -24% Off
    695.00Spring Sale

    Series 2, 9 Place Settings, 4 programs, 2 special functions, E Class

  • -24% Off
    945.00Spring Sale

    The dishwasher with cutlery drawer that’s flexible to load and displays the time remaining. This model has a 1-24hour delay timer, 8 programs, TimeLight, 14 place settings & Zeolith drying.

  • -24% Off
    1,025.00Spring Sale

    The dishwasher that’s extremely flexible to load, indicates when it’s running, fits even for special built-in cases and can be retrofitted with a 3rd loading level. This model has a 1-24hour delay timer, Open Assist, 6 programs, TimeLight, 13 place settings & Zeolith drying.

  • On Order
    1,295.00Spring Sale

    The dishwasher that’s extremely flexible to load, indicates when it’s running, has Vario Hinge and can be retrofitted with a 3rd loading level.

  • On Order
    1,395.00Spring Sale
    • Flex 3 with Retrofit – Versatile dishwasher baskets for flexible loading.
    •  Intelligent Programme – Flexible settings for individually customised washing and drying cycles  based on your feedback
    •  Vario Hinge – Install your dishwasher almost anywhere.
    •  Zeolith® – Outstanding dishwasher drying using natural minerals.
    •  Home Connect – Add your dishwasher to your home network and enjoy the infinite possibilities of connected services
  • -24% Off
    775.00Spring Sale

    ExtraDry: selectable option for additional drying.

    VarioFlex-baskets and VarioDrawer: enhanced re-adjusting options with more space on all levels.

    Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.

    Favourite function: personalized function with just one touch.

    InfoLight: a red infolight on the floor indicates whether the dishwasher is switched on or off.

  • -26% Off
    725.00Spring Sale

    Better drying performance with the connected dishwasher for smart remote control.

  • On Order
    750.00Spring Sale

    Series 4, 14 settings, 6 programmes, 3 Special Functions, D Class, cutlery tray

  • -26% Off
    725.00Spring Sale

    Bosch fully integrated dishwasher (45cm) with AcitveWater system: This innovative technology optimizes efficiency and guarantees ecological washing for excellent cleaning results. Saving water and energy is achieved through targeted water distribution, optimized filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation as well as an A++ energy efficiency rating and 9 place settings.