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Meet this refined, upholstered pendant acoustic lighting. The recognizable shape, emitting functional light, provides a homelike feeling to any space.

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Versatile on its genes

This distinctive functional light is well-suited for use above a desk or conference room table. By creating this homelike feeling, BuzziDome becomes the perfect fit for open-plan workplaces, hospitality settings, and break-out areas.

It’s all in the details

A recessed LED light source, paired with its tailored design, accentuates the pendant’s meticulous craftsmanship while also emitting a warm, functional light.


Its concave design, coupled with its acoustic foam element, acts as an excellent diffuser and absorber of sound, providing exceptional acoustic treatment for any setting.

Dress code: contemporary

It is such a versatile lighting that you are able to pick yours from a wide range of colorful upholstery options. It will definitely complement the aesthetic scheme of your interior.

Tone it down (Acoustics)

Wide in diameter, the dome-shaped design and its foam core traps sound waves, and in turn mitigates noise. With its high density of acoustic material, this solution works on the whole audible spectrum, from low to mid and high tones