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cobi is a chair specifically designed to foster collaboration and keep participants focused and engaged. This collaborative chair encourages a variety of postures.

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Collaborative Seating

There’s no such thing as a quick meeting. We spend more time collaborating today than ever before. Squirming, fatigue, and loss of focus are unavoidable. Let’s face it. Working with others requires a completely different set of postures, and thus, a completely different kind of chair. One that helps keep you comfortable and focused in collaborative settings like conference and training rooms.


Every part of the cobi office chair was designed to flex and adjust to your body. With it’s insightful and ergonomic design, the chair’s top flexing edge lets you comfortably rest your arm on top of the chair—you know, like you’ve tried to do on every chair you’ve ever sat in. The flexing seat encourages you to move and shift, allowing you to sit centered or off to the sides. And the flexing back contours to support any posture your body needs at any given moment.

Automatic Comfort

Cobi provides comfort automatically and supports four main postures – straight sitting, backward or forward leaning and leaning left or right. cobi offers only one manual adjustment: the seat height. The weight-activated mechanism naturally puts you in the best position of comfort from the start.

cobi senses your body weight and brings you the adequate amount of support adjusting the position that will put the least amount of stress on your body.

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