FlipTop Twin

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FlipTop Twin ™ is a clever and flexible table for meeting or training rooms. Very intuitive, the top can be flipped from both sides. Once the top is flipped, the tables can be stored to save space.


FlipTop Twin


Speed Up Configurations

Intelligent products can significantly reduce the costs associated with conference rooms by increasing their rate of use. Users need facilities to be flexible; they need to be able to set up different configurations quickly and easily and to handle speedy changeovers between training sessions, group meetings or conferencing. FlipTop Twin has been specifically conceived for this purpose and offers a multiplicity of uses and simple mechanisms.

Why FlipTop Twin?

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Space efficiency
  • Integrated cable management solution
  • The pre-assembled electrification allows quick installation and easy user access  to power and data.
  • Some handles have a double click function to avoid unintentional use.

Quick + Easy Installation

FlipTop Twin is 100% symmetric. The top can be flipped to both sides either by hand or foot and it can be used from both sides. A tested safety mechanism ensures stability and is easily accessible from any angle. Due to its flexibility and modularity, FlipTop Twin guarantees efficient use of meeting space. Unused elements can be stored neatly to clear surface areas.

Teaming in Small Groups

Having a dedicated team area in which people are located for the duration of a project, can double productivity according to research conducted by the University of Michigan. Supporting collaboration for small groups is about creating spaces that:
  • Are dedicated to impromptu meetings.
  • Provide small areas where two or three people can gather close to their workstation.
  • Use vertical surfaces to support a variety of media (digital and paper).
  • Provide efficient technology so that anyone can project and share data equally.

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FlipTop Twin