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Kalidro is an all-in-one workstation. Its simplicity of design makes it pure and elegant. Kalidro is easy to set up thanks to intuitive features like height adjustment and smart cable management.

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An all-in-one Workstation

Kalidro is an all-in-one workstation for the essential demands of today’s office. If you find you’re constantly sacrificing desk space to piles of papers and tangles of trailing wires, Kalidro has the features you need to manage your things. It keeps your workspace – and your headspace – completely clear to concentrate on what you need to do. What’s more, Kalidro is really easy to set up thanks to intuitive features like height adjustment and smart cable management.

The Beauty of Simplicity

Kalidro is beautiful to look at, with a simplicity of design that is pure elegance.
  • Kalidro desk is easy to assemble and simple to adjust.
  • It has a clever cable management that meets all needs.
  • This smart and simple desk will fit all budgets.
  • The horizontal bars below the top provide high level stability and allow using all top thicknesses (25mm, 19mm, 14mm).

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Kalidro Desk