The big name in small appliances.

Whether it is a toaster or a coffee machine, our small appliances epitomize the marriage of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, making your daily routine lighter and happier.

Blenders & Hand Mixers

Bosch has a wide range of small appliances to help you get more out of your kitchen. Bosch handheld kitchen tools combine power and style for convenient mixing and blending.


Bosch juicers quickly prepare fresh, vitamin-rich juices for you to enjoy. Discover the stylish designs of our powerful juicers now.


Bosch kettles are available in many styles and sizes, and some can even be colour-coordinated with other kitchen appliances such as toasters and food mixers.

Stand Mixers & Food Processors

Our tried and tested kitchen machines empower you to make delicious homemade food with next to no effort. Get to know our range of reliable and versatile stand mixers and food processors.

Toaster & Grillers

Explore our range of toasters and grilling products today, and get ready for a taste sensation. Create delicious, wholesome meals using a Bosch contact grill for a low-fat, healthy cooking experience.

Vacuum Cleaners & Accessories

Our powerful vacuum cleaners offer power suction and advanced filtration systems, durable design ensuring a hassle-free cleaning for a spotless allergy–free environment.

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