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Bosch: Giants in Climate Action and Sustainability

We have made it a priority to work with reputable suppliers that consistently deliver quality products and services to our esteemed clients. Among the responsibility we feel for our clients is the importance of working with brands like Bosch, who prioritise sustainability and climate action. Everybody is becoming aware of the effect that industry is having on climate change and so the importance of working with companies driven to improve sustainability is twofold.

“Bosch has set ambitious goals in environmental protection. We have been working to reduce our ecological footprint for many years. Our special focus lies on climate action, circular economy and the diligent use of water.”

Bosch plays a pioneering role in climate action

Since 2020, the Bosch Group with its more than 400 locations worldwide has been climate neutral (scopes 1 and 2). An independent auditing company has officially confirmed this. But that’s not all: They want to shape climate action beyond their immediate sphere of influence and also systematically reduce upstream and downstream emissions (scope 3), which they aim to reduce by 15 percent by 2030.

Four levels for climate neutrality

Bosch has identified four levels of climate neutrality, namely;

1. to increase energy efficiency;

2. to expand the supply of renewable energy;

3. to purchase more green electricity;

4. to offset unavoidable CO₂ emissions with carbon credits

 “It is important for us to be climate neutral as early as 2020 and to continuously optimize the use and mix of our four levers by 2030 in order to make a significant contribution to climate action. In this way, we want to reduce the share of carbon offsets and green electricity from existing plants while further increasing energy efficiency and new clean power.”

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