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Introducing NEFF’s New Collection: Elevating Kitchen Freedom and Flexibility

Experience a revolution in kitchen design with Neff, the renowned German brand known for quality and innovation. Our latest range of built-in home appliances has been meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled flexibility and customization, empowering users to truly personalize their culinary spaces. The Neff Collection redefines the kitchen as a space for individual expression. With our groundbreaking Flex solution, users can seamlessly tailor the appearance and operation of their appliances to suit their unique preferences.

Flex Control

Flex Control is a pioneering feature of the new Neff Collection, providing users with the choice of operating their appliances via intuitive touch screen controls or our innovative Twist Pad Flex. This pocket-sized dial offers a tactile cooking experience, magnetically attaching to appliances such as ovens, hobs, and coffee machines. When not in use, appliances effortlessly revert to touch screen control, ensuring ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Flex Design

Flex Design introduces a spectrum of trims and panels in captivating hues like Brushed Bronze, Deep Black, Metallic Silver, and Anthracite Grey. These interchangeable components allow for effortless customisation without the need for reinstalling appliances, catering to diverse tastes within households. Compatible with our iconic Slide & Hide oven, Flex Design seamlessly integrates with Neff’s space-saving solution, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and functionality in any kitchen.  

Our Commitment

With the Neff Collection, we’re committed to extending the lifecycle of our products, enabling users to update their appliances’ appearance and functionality in line with evolving tastes. Neff’s approach to design is forward-thinking and sustainable, offering longevity and versatility to every kitchen. Visit our showroom in Mrieħel to witness the future of kitchen innovation firsthand and don’t miss our special introductory offer throughout the month of March, making it the perfect time to elevate your culinary space with Neff.