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Why Mattress Certifications Matter More Than You Think

Certifications serve as assurances that mattresses, pillows and bed bases adhere to stringent quality benchmarks, securing their durability and long-term performance. From CE and ISO certifications to hygiene and fire certifications, these credentials offer consumers peace of mind, instilling confidence before committing to an investment.

Transform Your Sleep

As we know, the quality of sleep significantly affects our daily health and well-being. It is common to underestimate the importance of a good mattress, considering it simply a part of home décor. However, choosing the right mattress, both for its quality and the type of technology it employs, whether spring or Myform, can completely transform the quality of our lives, improving not only our night’s rest but also our general state of health.

Specific Requirements

Dorelan’s mattresses, pillows and bed bases have earned the distinction of being certified as Medical Devices (CE marking). This entails rigorous laboratory examinations of all raw materials employed in manufacturing to ensure their quality. Made from absolute prime materials with excellent hypoallergenic properties, mattresses are certified in accordance with the highest safety standards and designed to provide quality and comfort. Additionally, the entire production process undergoes registration until the attainment of the CE marking. Moreover, in 2017, Dorelan became the first Italian company in the bedding sector to guarantee its customers optimal hygiene assurance specifications for all phases of its production cycle. A mattress considered a Medical Device is designed to provide optimal support and comfort, correct posture during sleep and prevent or alleviate health problems, such as back pain, sleep disorders and muscle tension. At Dorelan, we strongly believe that there is a product suitable for every need, which is why we design lines of CE-certified mattresses, toppers, pillows and bed bases to support your health.

Not Just a Purchase, but an Investment in Your Health

Whether it is a recommendation from your physiotherapist, chiropractor or simply a proactive decision to invest in your healthcare, at Dorelan, we prioritise your well-being by offering tailored mattress solutions. Our commitment lies in understanding your unique requirements and providing mattresses that align with them seamlessly. With a focus on comfort, support and therapeutic benefits, we ensure that each mattress selection contributes positively to your overall health and quality of life.