Contenitori Universali

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A complete set of cabinets to be easily integrated with the full range of Las Mobili products, thanks to finishing’s transversality that allows any combination.

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  • Flags responds perfectly to the increasing need to define, in large open spaces, intimate sub-environments, where to discuss work, use computers and be able to read in peace.

    Mobile Elements designed to create different solutions suitable to furnish office space but also common areas such as reception, waiting, lounge areas, ares of counselling and relaxation areas. The seats available in the program offer the possibility to mix different colours on the same unit and in combination with sound-absorbing panels. From office workstation to the linear single seat.

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    Creativity and Innovation by LAS, all inside the new versatile and multi-functional office system.
    Made for highest professional environments, we are proud to present “UP”. Sleek, classy and business-oriented work tables and desks, with adjustable heights using T, bridge or bench legs work both from a sitting or a stand-up position, UP will get you closer to your own ideas and creations, to ensure you total control over all the tools at your disposal.

Contenitori Universali