Universal Storage

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Universal Storage is a complete storage family of medium–to-high capacity metal cupboards. It is a robust work tool. It can be combined with functional and ergonomic internal fittings.

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Universal Storage

Optimise Space

Beyond offering a wide variety of functional and robust storage cabinets, Universal Storage is a great space planning tool. It allows to structure and optimise spaces while supporting both focus work and collaboration.
With countless space planning options, it keeps on performing — even when the workplace is reconfigured.

Sustainable Solutions

Universal Storage is a great way to organising documents and work tools. Like every Steelcase product, Universal Storage is meticulously designed to go way beyond what users might expect. It’s a very ergonomic and robust range. It will help make daily work more productive and effective, whether during installation, everyday use or office reorganisations. Moreover, it is fully sustainable, free of PVC and uses eco materials and manufacturing processes.


Universal Storage is designed to match every office furniture, from desks to space division and personal storage.
It allows users to build discrete configurations to create a refined ambience for a manager’s office.
The contemporary design associated with wood finishes gives a warmer atmosphere to team and meeting spaces as well.
The different heights offered in the range can be used as space division, allowing privacy and improving  concentration in open spaces when coupled with acoustic back panels.


  • The cupboards match every Steelcase desk and space division range in size and finish to create harmonious environments.
  • The premium top adds a touch of colour to the whole workstation and matches with the Implicit Premium pedestal.
  • It is robust and can be moved loaded to make reconfigurations easier.
  • Internal fittings and accessories allow users to file efficiently and retrieve easily, saving precious time.

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Universal Storage