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    Della Rovere has Larus, the new collection designed by Studio Directional Stramigioli Associates.

    The desks Larus have the opportunity to be made and stir to form over 200 combinations. The beauty and originality of the collection lies in the fact of being able to combine legs, flat and brackets in different versions, creating a working system exclusive and unique.

    The structure is designed to organize the office with multiple solutions: desks, extensions, bureau, dressers, coffee tables, conference tables and bookcases.

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    The result of intensive research, the collection Segno design combines functionality , where the purity of the forms are divided into a sign, and leaner.

    A well-defined section that outlines work environments signing them indelibly, tracing rules minimalism precious, of an order elegant, reception in great style. Simple lines with an innovative design, technical materials and refined. Segno revolutionizes the concept of practicality where space is at a human scale and where they are banned excesses: but the essential always unveils something precious, something extremely sophisticated . Smooth surfaces, smooth, pleasant to the touch: The combination of the cold metal with the warm colors of the wood table offer the perception of an absolute balance . Design becomes functional, it conforms to needs and habits, it rediscovers a more versatile practicality.

    The collection Segno proposes desks and conference tables of maximum simplicity that create strict geometries of furniture. Air, light and scintillating: as a subject of the future, a prodigy of technique, is a ‘thrill for the eyes and beyond. A style recognizable as an index of quality and character. A collection suitable to delight shared spaces with style and simplicity.

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    BE is a collection Executive of Design , designed by Paul Pampanoni characterized by a system Bench and innovative functional solutions. All plans, both in wood and glass, can be integrated to the furniture.

    Its modularity allows solutions of furniture adaptable to any type of environment, and to every surface available. The simplicity of the lines and the sturdiness of the structure are the features that make BE a collection to live . The depth of range, the colors and the materials used meet the needs of the most demanding customer!

    BE uses the same finishing and the same materials of Libraries and UNI Meeting tables Della Rovere, furnishing systems elegant and functional. BE also has a number of containers equipped integrated and connected to the system desks. Practical and innovative solutions are proposed for the cable management.

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    Iulio, the las product featuring soft, natural shapes, with essential lines that convey lightness and elegance. A complete range of desks, meeting tables, coffee tables, storage units and cabinets, for a sophisticated and modern executive environment.

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    Smooth, chamfered, pleasant to the touch surfaces, unmistakable style, synthesis of a perfect balance between functionality and design.

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    Executive collection where the worktop integrates with the structural base which also has a storage function. The only finishing features are the tops and doors of the drawer unit. A functional workstation embellished by wall panelling with shelves and optional LED lighting.

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    Enosi inspired by modern management models: elegant but not static, efficient and representative, always dynamic. Modularity, materials and design make Enosi the most modern and contemporary solution for the world of work, today engaged in re-defining forms and consolidated customs. Every element is designed as an open module and link up with the rest of the world to generate new knowledge and new possibilities. Getting in touch with technology through simple yet extremely attractive solutions. Enosi today interprets a contemporary future.

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    The importance of managing the environment that surrounds your work, the awareness of having all you need around you, to give the right space to your ambitions. Comfort and rationale, nothing is by chance. In E.O.S. you will have all you need. And no more than you need. Luxury desks, enriched by the best quality materials. Geometric forms essential expressions of a minimalist but stylish design. Fixed shelves, overlapping corners, the EOS office plays on the concept of prestige revealed by lines and perspectives of strong visual impact. The extreme linear quality of the E.O.S. office gives value to the concept of space and places each element in perfect harmony so that two basic rules for your success can be observed, function and prestige. You will discover that sometimes it takes very little to create the right respect. In its element in larger spaces, E.O.S. gives the most hectic moments of your work the same importance. Meetings, opportunities for sharing and participation can be expressed in an environment which knows how to conduct them with the professionalism and seriousness they deserve.

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    Versatile and rational, Delta is the new Las Mobili system, equipped with all the necessary elements for remarkable but absolutely functional office furniture. Desks and extensions, tables for meeting rooms, coffee tables, cabinets and paneling: a complete range of solutions to fulfill furniture needs of absolutely any space, however small.