BuzziZepp Light

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Instantly create Hubs for Togetherness with BuzziZepp Light. The acoustic lighting solution doubles as a sound-absorbing panel and can be paired with either our LED line and both Globe or Spot iterations of BuzziSol Trio and BuzziSol Quintet. BuzziZepp Light additionally ensures your space has minimal echo and adequate lighting.

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Create distinctive settings

Due to its sleek design, BuzziZepp Light looks as if it is seamlessly floating above the air. Unlike vertical partitions and walls, BuzziZepp Light helps to establish private zones for an intimate and more purposeful sense of space. Furthermore, the acoustic panel and light source are suspended separately, which means finding the perfect fit for your space, both acoustically and lighting-wise, is a breeze.

Versatile lighting

Discover the different lighting additions to perfect your atmosphere. Opt for the dimmable LED line for more functional settings and to brighten up workstations. For a more decorative feel, BuzziSol Trio and BuzziSol Quintet Globe will create a more relaxed aura, while BuzziSol Trio and BuzziSol Quintet Spot provide direct light on a surface. No matter which BuzziZepp Light variation you choose, it will hang perfectly above a large meeting or collaboration table.

Brighten up your space

BuzziZepp Light’s streamlined design makes it an easy addition to any workspace, whether it be in the corporate, educational, or hospitality sector. On top of that, BuzziZepp can be outfitted in numerous fabrics and colour combinations, making it a breeze to combine it with other furnishings in your space.

Tone it down (Acoustics)

The high acoustic performance of this architectural, floating element is all thanks to the design and materials. Suspended above the source of noise BuzziZepp Light’s concave shape traps sound waves as they travel upwards, while its soft edges and round silhouette help to diffuse noise.

BuzziZepp Light