Epic Mattress

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To pay homage to oneself, Epic is born.
The first mattress, with an integrated maxi topper, is capable of conveying an unparalleled sense of comfort. This is achieved not only through the soft and breathable covering but also through its technical features and the best-integrated technologies.

Hybrid Removable
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Myform technology, Adaptive spring system, and micromechanical springs work in symbiosis to ensure the maximum benefit of rest.

Product Features

  • Technology: Myform Extension, 3D Fabric, Standard Box, Microm Springs, Adaptive
  • Springs 7 differentiated zones for better comfort
  • Fabrics and materials: Padded covering
  • Medical Device Certified product


  • CE Marked Medical Devices: Our products, designated as medical devices under European Regulation 2017/745 (MDR), adhere to strict safety and performance requirements. They have been thoroughly tested and meet all necessary criteria set by harmonized European regulations. Additionally, they are registered in the Ministry of Health’s “Medical device database” in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health dated December 21, 2009.
  • Hygiene Certification: We proudly hold the distinction of being the first company in Italy’s bedding sector to attain the Hygiene Certification. This certification assures optimal hygiene conditions at every stage of our production process, encompassing procurement, production, transformation, packaging, shipping, and product delivery.

Epic Mattress