The Hybrid Era - Innovative spaces created by Steelcase - Oxford House

The Hybrid Era – Innovative spaces created by Steelcase

Since Covid-19, the world has changed the way it operates and functions.  The new hybrid era has led to significant changes and new adaptations across various areas of society. The pandemic has certainly contributed towards speeding up the new hybrid trends. One has also seen a rapid transition with regards to online learning, resulting in hybrid learning models.  Human interaction became through a video camera, thus, reducing human interaction drastically.  According to OHO, due to social isolation, mental illnesses have increased by 25% globally. Whilst working hybrid allows room for flexibility, the value of in-person collaboration and teamwork will be lost.  Interactions, spontaneous brainstorming sessions and exchange of ideas occur when one is physically at the office. These interactions foster creativity, innovation and a stronger working relationship with co-workers. Working from the office can help the employee learn, grow and be mentored and enhance their professional growth as they are more easily available at the office and this calls for employers to provide a healthy and comfortable working environment. Invigorating workspaces will strengthen people’s sense of belonging, making work interaction fun and at the same time allowing room for focus.
Collaborative spaces

Designing your workspace

By carefully designing the workspace, one can create an interconnected workspace, whilst allowing space for flexibility and individual working when required. Steelcase designers approach their designs depending on how the community works, challenges and requirements. Steelcase designers call these spaces “shared attractors” to give employees the freedom to work anywhere in the building, depending on their needs and activities.  Such spaces include collaborative, social both formal and informal.
Informal collaborative space
Hybrid working has seen a substantial increase in the use of individual enclosed spaces.  However, innovation occurs when synergies are shared and team collaborates with one another and this is why creating the right mechanisms will enhance creativity and innovation.
Steelcase acoustic pods
Steelcase fully equipped workstations
Steelcase enclosed space for small hybrid meetings. 
Combining a world of physical and digital innovation is the best solution for an employer to accommodate its employees and for employees to feel comfortable.  Embracing and nurturing the right approach brings about engaging employees and other stakeholders in an environment that is welcoming yet functional.