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From Simple to Smart:
The Evolution of Built-In Appliances in Modern Homes

Built-in appliances have come a long way since their inception. Appliances in general have become more versatile, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Stand-alone units have evolved to built-in appliances which nowadays complete modern kitchens. Such commodities offer homeowners a range of options to choose from.

Nowadays, homeowners continuously look for appliances that are sleek and seamless to complement their choice of kitchen, bathroom and washroom. Built-in appliances are designed to fit into cabinetry which will blend well with countertops and the surrounding environment.

Having built-in appliances take up less floor space and allows the kitchen to look less cluttered, especially in smaller kitchens or open–plan layouts. This applies not only to homeowners doing up their kitchens but also to entrepreneurs who have apartments for rent but are limited with space.

Smart Appliances

It is not a mystery that in today’s fast-paced world, comfort and efficiency feature at the top of the list. Nowadays smart appliances are becoming more present in our homes. Smart home technology has become the new norm in households, thus making life easier. With the use of sensors, smart appliances can monitor, adjust their settings and provide feedback to users. Today, one finds smart washing machines, dryers, ovens, coffee makers and more. These appliances can be controlled remotely through Smartphone apps or voice assistants.

Smart ovens also come with assisted cooking features to avoid guesswork when cooking. Some features include automatic temperature set-up, time adjustments and roasting systems that allow for the cooking of completely different dishes simultaneously using all oven levels without any intermingling of flavours. Thanks to the pyrolytic self-cleaning system, oven cleaning time has been dramatically reduced as the oven reduces grease and food residue, turning it into ash.

Last but not least, some smart appliances have also become more energy-efficient, resulting in both environmental benefits and cost savings.

Stand-alone or Built-in Appliances

Stand-alone appliances such as the American Style, French Door, XXL refrigerator and side-by-side refrigerators can be aesthetically pleasing and can be moved around and placed wherever there is space which can be beneficial for those individuals who like rearranging their kitchen layout. Property owners who rent out their property might opt for stand-alone appliances due to their flexibility to conduct any modifications that might be required from time to time. On the other hand, built-in appliances are designed to be installed directly into kitchen cabinetry and blend well with the customers’ exigencies.

Built-in Fridge Freezers

For the early innovators, the built-In Fridge Freezer has a new width of 75cm as opposed to the traditional 60cm one. Apart from accommodating modern kitchen designs, this XXL built-in appliance has a super cooling function which allows food placed inside to cool faster, whilst still protecting already cooled food. Sensors constantly monitor and control the ambient of the fridge-freezer temperature whilst for the modern individual who is always on the go, can monitor the appliance through a smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to installation and after-sales service, Oxford House is committed to continuously strive to exceed customers’ expectations and provide them with fast, exceptional service, whilst offering support throughout their ownership experience. Furthermore, Oxford House offers a 5-year warranty on all Bosch and Neff appliances for further peace of mind.