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Dehumidifiers: A Dry Home, a Healthy Home

Moisture-related problems can be a persistent headache, especially in a place like Malta, where humidity levels can soar due to our logistical position. From musty odours to mould growth, excess moisture can wreak havoc on both residential and industrial spaces. Fortunately, there is a solution at hand – dehumidifiers, the ultimate air treatment appliances!

Why are dehumidifiers essential for our households

Dehumidifiers are essential appliances that help maintain optimal indoor humidity levels. They play a vital role in enhancing indoor air quality, preserving your health, and protecting your property. Here are some key reasons why dehumidifiers are indispensable:

  1. Health Benefits: High humidity levels can create an environment conducive to the growth of mould, mildew, and dust mites, triggering allergies and respiratory issues. Moreover, mould can cause arthritis and faster inflammation of joints if not addressed at early stages. Investing in a dehumidifier can help reduce these health risks.
  2. Property Preservation: Excess moisture can damage wooden furniture, electronics, and other valuable assets including mould on soffits and walls. Dehumidifiers protect your investments by maintaining the right moisture balance.
  3. Comfort: Maintaining proper humidity levels ensures a more comfortable living or working space. You’ll feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.

Residential Dehumidifiers:

At Oxford House, we present a diverse selection of residential dehumidifiers, carefully crafted to cater to the unique requirements of homeowners in Malta. Our line of dehumidifiers are not only energy-efficient and silent but also incorporates modern features to enhance your comfort. They seamlessly integrate into your living areas, making them the ideal choice for addressing air treatment and humidity-related concerns in bedrooms, basements, kitchens, and more. Notably, our Aquaria S1 24L model also offers the added convenience of built-in WiFi connectivity.

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    The compact dehumidifier, but with a high-tech spirit. The control panel of the Aquaria S1 12 P allows precision setting and precise control of temperature and humidity. And the quality of air? Improved, thanks to the double antidust filter and active carbon.

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    The dehumidifier that optimises its performance for the rapid drying of clothes. Thanks to the laundry mode, the Aquaria S1 16 P is perfect for the laundry room, but it’s also ideal for all the spaces of the home. It helps to reduce the main allergens in the air and eliminates bad odours, through a double filtration system.

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    A high-performance dehumidifier for larger rooms. The Aquaria S1 24 P combines a high dehumidification capacity with the action of the triple air filter (antidust, activated carbon and HEPA), the comfort of a motorised flap and the convenience of touchscreen and remote controls (thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi).

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    Industrial dehumidifier for treating large rooms. Seccoprof 30 can absorb up to 30 litres of excess humidity per day, without interruption. The merit is its continuous condensate drainage, which does not require removal of the canister, and the hot gas defrost, which avoids frequent activation and switching off intervals and makes operation possible even near 0°C.

Industrial Dehumidifiers:

With regards to industrial environments, Oxford House offers robust, high-capacity dehumidifiers like our Seccoprof 30L model, designed to efficiently combat large-scale moisture issues. Whether the premises are warehouses manufacturing facilities or commercial spaces, our industrial dehumidifiers are built to withstand heavy usage and maintain a consistently dry environment.

Dehumidifiers are indispensable in maintaining a comfortable, healthy, and protected indoor environment in humid regions like Malta. With an extensive range of residential and industrial dehumidifiers, Oxford House will meet your exigencies across the board. Don’t let excess humidity compromise your well-being or property; invest in a quality dehumidifier today!