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B-Free is a full range of modular furniture aimed to design multiple and easily reconfigurable settings. B-Free creates focal points where people can connect, collaborate and concentrate.

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Where Ideas Collide

Mini Neighbourhoods Within the Workplace

Seating, desk, tables and screens create spaces where people easily connect and collaborate, and the collision of ideas becomes a natural part of the work day.


Changing posture boosts productivity and wellbeing. B-Free spaces work at stool or seated height to support short- and long-term tasks. Screens provide a subtle barrier from distractions, and power outlets and bag drops support technology and personal belongings.


Nearby informal spaces provide a welcome change during the work day; an opportunity to meet informally in a comfortable, relaxed posture, in a space at once removed yet still connected to the organisation.


B-Free creates the kind of informal, convenient spaces where team work comes naturally and collaboration flourishes. Workers have equal access to tools, displays and digital and analogue information. Plus it is easy.


B-Free is a complete desk program, including user sliding top, ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. Position B-Free worksurfaces on their own, or back-to-back to create spaces for individual concentration and group collaboration. Add privacy screens, storage, worktools, lighting and other accessories on the integrated rail.

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