BuzziJet Standing

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Discover the power of good acoustics with BuzziJet Standing. This functional floor lamp, designed with open spaces in mind, delineates a relaxed atmosphere from above and assures an acoustically well-balanced space, with the unmatched benefit of no installation. Create a warm space through its dimming feature.

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BuzziJet Standing suits a variety of applications: from office nooks above a workstation, hotel lobbies to reading corners. The foot plate has a round flat shape, so it fits perfectly between the legs underneath a meeting or desk table. It is heavy for stability, but very flat, never in the way of your legs or anything under the table.

The perfect curve

The final touch runs in our family: the black cable can blend in the black bow or the red one can emphasizes the curve, making the electric cable a design detail.

Mix and Match

Not only is this functionally beautiful acoustic floor light the perfect add-on to an already furnished space, but you can also match its fabric with your furnishings and décor. Be creative!

Choose your mood

It emits a warm, downwards glow. Now, you can choose from a more energized or intimate atmosphere by dimming the light and relax.

Plug & Play

This acoustic floor lamp comes with a floor dimmer and can be plugged either in a wall or a floor socket. All features in one: light, acoustics and no installation.

Tone it down (Acoustics)

Wide in diameter, the cylindrical design traps sound waves to bounce back-and-forth within the radius of its circular body, and in turn mitigates noise. With its high density of acoustic material, this solution works on the whole audible spectrum, from low to mid and high tones.

BuzziJet Standing