Built-in Fridges

Built-in fridges by Bosch and Neff offer solutions for maximum refrigerator capacity to fit any kitchen design while providing the best quality.

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    Bosch built-in refrigerator with LED interior light and electronic temperature control with LED display.

    This model combines well with GIV21AFE0

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    Bosch built in compact fridge

  • -20% Off

    Bosch built in fridge with 6 shelves, with 4 door racks as well as a VitaFresh Plus Box to guarantee fresher food and will help to make it last longer. This model has interior LED lighting.

    This model combines well with GIV11AFE0

  • -20% Off

    This built-in refrigerator keeps fruit and vegetables fresh 2x longer, and can be decorated to suit thanks to the door décor panel.

  • -19% Off

    Bosch larder fridge with LED interior light and Power Ventilation System for better cooling.

    This larder fridge combines well with GIN81AEF0 for a perfect side by side solution.