Phone Unit

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  • Steelcase

Officebricks Acoustic Pods provide workers with the privacy they crave. This modular system offers top-level sound insulation in an inviting atmosphere.

  • Sound-insulated retreat for undisturbed phone calls
  • Certified sound insulation values ​​of 34 dB thanks to the double-walled brick system
  • Pleasant room acoustics thanks to special acoustic absorbers
  • Excellent acoustic shielding in both directions
  • The comfortable, soundproof retreat for all work environments


Smart Design A complete plug-and-play system. Officebricks Acoustic Pods can be assembled quickly—no drilling, adhesive bonding or screwing needed. Disassembly is also seamless, allowing for easy reconfiguration or relocation of office space. The On Air sign indicates to workers that a unit is in use, making sure privacy is maintained. Acoustics Made of laminated safety glass and a clever brick system, Officebricks Acoustic Pods provide two-way sound insulation. Sound outside of the pod remains outside, while conversations inside the pod stay private. A low-noise ventilation system ensures a healthy climate and pleasant atmosphere without diminishing the acoustic comfort. Designed for Acoustic Comfort A complete plug-and-play system, Officebricks Acoustic Pods offers top-level sound insulation in an inviting atmosphere. Outside Dimensions: W138 x D106 x H238 cm Inside Dimensions (without Absorbers): W122 x D90 x H204 cm

Phone Unit