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Plants boost people’s happiness, creativity and focus. BuzziPlanter adds an extra feature to that list. The upholstered colourful pot, made from high-density foam, has the acoustic superpower to absorb excessive noise in open spaces, creating healthier environments for people to thrive.

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Green office divider

BuzziPlanter divides open spaces into luscious green micro-environments, creating calm and peaceful areas to work, gather and relax. Each pot has a built-in plastic container, making it suitable for both real and artificial plants.

A pot for every plant

BuzziPlanter exists in 6 different sizes. Small or big plants, we’ve got a pot that fits. Thanks to a wide variety of colours BuzziPlanter easily fits into any décor, adding a dash of fun and a lot of silence.

Tone it down (Acoustics)

The BuzziPlanter’s high-density foam core and breathable fabric covering will help to soak up sound energy emitted from HVAC, speech, and high-pitch sounds such as ringtones and coffee machines. A thick high-density foam layer can be found underneath the plant basket as well, helping to soak up and absorb low frequencies. Additionally, the type of flowers or plants placed in the BuzziPlanter will also help to diffuse sound and respread the diffracted sound waves evenly and break down the energy of wavelengths.

The bigger, the more sound-absorbing