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QiVi chair promotes movement and collaboration while supporting a variety of postures.

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Optimized Comfort, Enhanced Collaboration

People don’t just sit in meetings. They interact, brainstorm and create. QiVi, an intelligently designed collaborative office chair, encourages movement, supports multiple postures and provides comfort for extended periods of time—fostering collaboration in a variety of settings.

Features + Benefits

Collaboration is increasingly common in the workplace. Based on three key observations and insights, QiVi was designed as an ergonomic chair to increase comfort during collaboration.
  • Encourages movement and supports multiple postures
  • Automatic and intuitive backrest and seat adjustments
  • Pivoting backrest and gliding seat that move with the body

Pivoting Back + Gliding Seat

Automatic Adjustment, Maximized Performance  QiVi is an ergonomic chair designed with a pivoting backrest and gliding seat that allow automatic adjustments in posture or position. Pivoting Backrest Pivoting backrest naturally adjusts as the body moves. Gliding Seat Gliding seat naturally moves forward and back with the user, encouraging posture shift.

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